All Green Frog and Vera Green products are made with fresh, organic aloe vera juice. That way we preserve all the therapeutic properties of the aloe plant. Discover the benefits of aloe vera and start looking after yourself.
How do you want to look after yourself?

On the inside, with Green Frog aloe vera juice


On the outside, with Vera Green creams


Help for your heart

  • Aloe vera reduces levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and free fatty acids.
  • It helps to regulate blood pressure, a fundamental factor in preventing angina and heart attacks.
  • It helps the circulatory system and naturally causes the body to generate collagen. This improves re-epithelialisation, wound healing and cell regeneration.
  • It alleviates the symptoms of diseases such as rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis.

It gives you a vitality

  • With vitaminsA, B, C, folic acid, minerals, hydrates, enzymes and essential amino acids, drinking aloe vera gives you vitality.
  • Its nutrients provide energy and strength.
  • Aloe vera facilitates intestinal absorption. That means better nutrition, better metabolisation of fats and more protein. This helps regulate weight and energy levels.
  • It contains no gluten, soya or lactose.

Regulate your digestive system

  • It improves digestion and effectively controls acidity, gassiness and ulcers.
  • It regulates pH, prevents internal information and gastric secretions.
  • It protects the intestinal mucous lining.
  • It helps maintain the right balance of intestinal flora.
  • It helps cure intestinal and duodenal ulcers.
  • It helps reduce the side effects of certain medications and the effects of radiation.
  • It reduces digestive harm in patients suffering the effects of chemotherapy, and helps stimulate their appetite.

Activate your defences

  • Aloe vera juice contains polysaccharides with an immunomodulation effect: they protect against attack by external agents.
  • The vitamins strengthen the immune system, reducing the possibility of infection.
  • It has bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory properties. This means it can help treat allergic asthma, colds, flu, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and other forms of respiratory congestion, always under medical supervision.

It reduces inflammation

  • Aloe vera contains mannoses, which can naturally reduce inflammation.
  • This alleviates irritation and the pain caused by inflammation.
  • It reduces congestion of bodily tissues such as the respiratory and digestive mucus membranes.
  • It helps achieve proper muscle and joint mobility.
  • It reduces inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.
  • When used as a mouthwash, it reduces bacterial plaque.

It acts as a natural antioxidant

  • Its vitamins are an antioxidant cocktail.
  • It activates tissue regeneration.
  • It helps eliminate toxins and poisons.
  • It has an antique degenerative effect.

It cares for your skin

  • It is rich in water. And so has a powerful moisturising and revitalising effect.
  • It protects your skin against external aggression.
  • It feeds your skin cells and helps them renew.
  • It is nutritious, soothing, regenerative and antiseptic.