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Become a supplier

Become a Green Frog and Vera Green distributor

Join the Green Frog and Vera Green family as a distributor, and become part of a community where we make natural and organic produce a lifestyle.

If you would like to become a Green Frog distributor, call us on +34 91 071 27 13.

Why become a distributor?

Natural produce is enjoying a boom. The world of personal care, health, beauty and wellness have now gone back to their origins. We are once again looking for the answers to our problems in the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and the natural remedies of civilisations more connected with nature.

Ours are based on that belief. We say goodbye to chemicals, opening up a new window onto the natural world through our fresh, organic Green Frog aloe vera juices and Vera Green aloe creams, made with aloe vera juice and other 100% natural ingredients, in exclusive formulas that give your skin in-depth care.

As a distributor of our products you step inside this philosophy, promoting a lifestyle based on a connection with nature, health and wellness. Join our great family!

Points of sale

Green Frog and Vera Green began as a 100% digital venture. Having now established ourselves online, we are extending the project into the off-line world. We are currently expanding our bricks-and-mortar points of sale .

Health food stores, beauty clinics, nutritional centres, pharmacies, drugstores and other retailers specialising in the sale of natural products to care for their customers' health and beauty have already joined the Green Frog movement. Now it’s your turn!

Call us on +34 91 071 27 13 and become a distributor.