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Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic Cream

Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic Cream


Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic

Particularly recommended for the face and neck. Aloe vera and other components help keep the skin well-nourished, fresh, cleansed and healthy, for better recovery from the impact of aggressive external agents and any substances that may affect the skin from inside the body.

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  • The main component of Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic cream is Green Frog aloe vera, along with another 17 natural active ingredients.
  • Vitamin C, MSM.


  • Provides protection and complete daily care for the skin of the face and neck.
  • Moisturises and completely nourishes your skin.
  • Cleanses and detoxes the skin and pores.
  • Repairs skin damage and encourages its daily replenishment.
  • Reactivates the blood flow in the dermis.

Active mechanism and other characteristics

  • Aloe vera stimulates the production of collagen, helping to repair and replenish the skin.
  • It has a positive moisturising effect on the skin thanks to a substantial input of water, while the oils and virgin beeswax prevent that water from being lost.
  • It nourishes the skin by providing vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients contained in the aloe vera, cucumber, wheat germ, carrot, chia, royal jelly and evening primrose.
  • Ginkgo and hamamelis boost circulation in the dermis for greater oxygenation, regeneration and detoxification.
  • The aloe vera and kudzu work by increasing the alkalinity of the skin, preventing the growth of bacteria and drawing out toxic substances that have built up by unblocking the skin and pores.
  • Aloe, cucumber, musk rose oil, clay, Centella asiatica and evening primrose repair damaged skin and restore the vitality and youthfulness of its tissues.
  • The essential rose oil eases tension in the muscles of the face for a more relaxed appearance.
  • Thanks to the Aloe Vera and other components it contains, Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic cream provides comprehensive care for your face and neck.


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