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  • Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic Formulated to repair any type of skin damage anywhere on the body and face, such as mild or moderate burns, acne, cold sores, irritations caused by hair removal or shaving, itchiness, rashes, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

    43,95 €
    In Stock
  • Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic Particularly recommended for the face and neck. Aloe vera and other components help keep the skin well-nourished, fresh, cleansed and healthy, for better recovery from the impact of aggressive external agents and any substances that may affect the skin from inside the body.

    39,95 €
    In Stock
  • Vera Green Dermo Bio Suitable for daily moisturising and nourishment of the skin. Also used to prevent and repair dryness and minor damage suffered by the skin as a result of daily wear, cracking and mild burdens. Recommended for use all over the body, except on the face and neck. 

    19,95 €
    In Stock
  • Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic Men 50 ml of cream for face and neck. Specially to care for men's skin, with or without beard. One single cream to moisturise, protect the skin and nourish beard hair. It also cleans and detoxes the skin beneath the beard. 100% natural with citrus and spiced scent.

    39,95 €
    In Stock
  • Vera Green Bio Body Milk 250 ml body milk.Daily use for all skin types.Complete moisturisation and nourishment.Protection and daily care.100% natural.Want to find out more?Phone us free on 900 831 881 for assistance.

    29,95 €
    In Stock


The production processes used to make Vera Green creams are certified under ISO standard 22716:2007 - Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products.

  • First of all, we weigh the raw materials involved in the production of each of the creams.
  • Next, the oily phase is mixed in an auxiliary boiler. This fatty phase is heated to a temperature of around 75-80° C.
  • The components of the aqueous phase are mixed in the main reactor, and this mixture is also heated to around 75-80° C.
  • Once both phases have reached these temperatures, we mix and emulsify them. This process is performed by connecting the homogeniser in the main boiler, and is the most critical point in production.
  • Once the emulsion process is complete, we then cool the mixture.
  • When it has reached a temperature of around 55° C, the other raw materials are added.
  • We continue to cool it down to a temperature of 30° C, at which point a sample is sent to the Quality Assurance Department to analyse the corresponding parameters. If required, the necessary adjustments are made.
  • The product is finally released and then packaged.
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