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- No. It has been used since ancient times, by cultures including the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Greeks and Romans, and has remained in regular use up to the present day.
- Aloe vera is an edible plant that has been used by mankind for more than 5,000 years for its health giving properties, though it is not a medicine in itself.
- Any healthy individual who has shown no allergic reaction to aloe vera (which is very uncommon) can take it as a food supplement to obtain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are important for our health. For those suffering from illness, it must be used under the supervision of a health professional.
- No. Organic aloe vera juice is preserved purely by ascorbic acid and citric acid.
- Aloe vera juice is available in three forms: with pulp, without pulp and with agave syrup. The juice you choose will depend on your personal preference. The version with pulp contains little bits; the varieties both with and without pulp have the natural flavour of aloe vera plus the taste of citric acid, while the one including agave syrup has a slightly sweet taste which some people might find more appealing.
- There are no official studies suggesting that consumption of aloe vera juice during pregnancy has any negative effect on the mother or the baby, though it is always advisable to seek advice from a health professional for use in such cases.
- Aloe vera is a foodstuff in itself, and a food supplement, which means it can be taken by children aged over 2 years under the supervision of a health professional.
- If you cut off a leaf of aloe vera and blend it all up, the aloin it contains would cause diarrhoea and itchiness, so it is advisable to drink aloe vera juice that has had the skin and aloin removed.
- Although aloe vera was used this way in the past, current recommendations advise the use of aloe vera creams that have been specially prepared as they are easier to apply and stay on the skin for longer. The aloin in the leaves could irritate your skin if applied directly. Our CR01 cream is a perfect alternative to directly applying aloe to damaged skin.
- Although it is highly unlikely, any substance you ingest or touch could cause a reaction in highly allergic individuals, or those who have had any previous reactions. For anyone else, drinking aloe vera juice or applying creams to the skin should not cause any allergic reaction.
- No. To make the juice we only use the pulp from the leaf, and discard the skin which contains a substance called aloin, which is what causes the laxative effect. If the skin is removed before the juice is made, it will therefore not irritate your bowels.
- Over the years, doctors from different cultures have recommended the use of aloe vera to help treat certain illnesses, though these days it must be used as a supplement to treatment, supervised by a health professional.
- Although there is no initial indication not to use aloe if you suffer any common illness, you should not take it on your own initiative. Please seek advice from a health professional.
- No. Aloe vera is a foodstuff and can be consumed for any length of time in order to benefit from its properties without suffering any negative effects if you stop drinking it.
- Although the general recommendation is to drink 50 to 100 ml per day, the quantity and frequency may be increased on the recommendation of a health professional, up to 30 to 50 ml of juice between 1 and 3 times a day, before meals.
- Nothing. In fact, if you have forgotten to drink it at any time during the day, you can have it when you remember. If you forget all through the day, then you will simply be missing out on its nutrient properties.
- No. Aloe vera juice will help you to digest other more indigestible foods.
- Yes. Regularly taking aloe juice can improve your digestive system and avoid heartburn and trapped wind, though you are advised to avoid indigestible and spicy foods or any that irritate the mucous membrane in order to effectively relieve the symptoms.
- It has been demonstrated that regularly taking aloe vera juice can help improve your body's defences, preventing or improving your reaction to any illnesses that could harm your immune system.
- Aloe vera is a foodstuff, so it is unlikely to interfere with the effects of any standard medication, but please seek advice from a doctor as to the use of aloe while taking pharmacological treatment.
- Yes. Drugs are not good for your health, but aloe vera can help eliminate the toxic substances caused by drug consumption.
- Yes. Thanks to its components, frequent or sustained use over a period of time can lead to healthier body tissues by eliminating toxic substances and reducing damage and ageing.
- No. Aloe vera juice is for internal consumption and should not in any case be applied to the eyes.
- It has been proven that methodical and sustained use of aloe vera pulp can help reduce or remove certain blemishes on the skin.
- Yes. This cream is the ideal alternative to applying aloe pulp straight to your skin as it is easier to apply and will stay on the damaged skin throughout the day.
- Yes. The Vera Green Dermo BIO and Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic creams can be applied to the skin in the case of mild or moderate burns. Such treatment must always be supervised by a health professional.
- Yes, regular use of Vera Green Dermo Therapeutic aloe cream can prevent the skin on your hands and feet from cracking, and help it to heal more quickly.
- Yes. You will need to apply it several times a day to keep the skin protected and ease the symptoms of dermatitis. Dermatitis is a condition of allergic origin, and so it is important to establish the cause and see a health professional.
- Yes. To do so, it should be applied frequently to the affected area until the itchiness or irritation of the skin subsides. You should also see a health professional to diagnose the cause of the itchiness so as to avoid recurrence.
- Yes. The cream can help repair mild or moderate sunburn that may occur after sunbathing, but can also be used for preventive purposes after swimming or brief exposure to the sun.
- Yes. You will clearly see its restorative effect if you apply it when your skin is irritated after epilation or shaving.
- Yes. The cream will improve skin damage caused by acne, though it should be borne in mind that acne is a condition brought on by various factors, both internal and external, and therefore needs to be treated by a health professional.
- Yes. This cream has been formulated to act on the most delicate areas of your skin, so you can apply it to your face and all over your body.
- Yes. Aloe vera is a natural skin moisturiser and, along with other components in the cream, it will help keep your skin fresh and hydrated.
- Yes. Daily use of Vera Green Dermo Cosmetic cream is intended to moisturise, nourish and regenerate the skin all over your body.
- Yes. Its composition will help your skin to stay healthy despite the harmful elements that affect it daily.
- Yes. A number of its components will help cleanse your skin by removing aggressive external agents and substances that can build up from within. A healthy lifestyle is important to keep your skin in good condition.


Although often confused with one, it is not actually a member of the cactus family.
- In Spain, on the Burjulu Estate in Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria.
- The leaves are harvested, hygienically treated and pealed to reveal the parenchyma (the inner part of the leaf), which is then crushed, stabilised and packaged.
- That the product contained in the bottle has undergone a completely Certified Biological, or organic, process from its source to the end consumer.
- On its own, or mixed with your favourite cold drink.
- A maximum of 12 months in the fridge. It is a preservative-free product.
- There is no need for that. You can keep them anywhere with low lighting and a cool temperature (maximum 18° C). Once the bottle is opened, it will need to be kept in the fridge.
- Green Frog products can only be bought at the on-line store www.greenfrog.es
- 48 hours. The juice that you receive at home is always FRESHLY HARVESTED.
- Yes. It comes from our organic plantation in Almeria.
- Because in the drying and powder production process, some components can get lost along the way.
- It guarantees that the product is supervised, free of pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals.
- 100 % Aloe means that the product contains pure aloe vera juice extracted from the plant, with no additives.- 100 % Organic means that from the moment it is harvested in the field to its delivery to the end customer, it follows a process that complies with Ecological, Organic or Biological Agriculture standards.
- It is the variety of aloe with the greatest properties, and has undergone the most scientific studies of any of the plants in the aloe genus.
- This information can be found by clicking on the link below: General Contractual Terms and Conditions
- Yes, plenty. Here are some of the works cited on our store website, www.greenfrog.es.
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