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Aloe Vera Juice With Pomegranate Bio

(4 customer reviews)

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Fresh product. Premium quality.

76,6% Pure Aloe Vera, 23,2% Pomegranate Juice Bio
Food Supplement
New Re-usable glass bottle
Juice made at the time of order, not stored.
Delivered within 48 hours.
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Pure, fresh and natural, extracted directly from the leaves of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Grown and handled under 100% organic conditions in Almeria (Spain). Pomegranate from organic cultivation in Murcia (Spain) Organic glass bottle, 500ml No colouring or added sugars. Alloin free. Cold pressed. Bottled in Spain with state-of-the-art technology. Individually packaged. Recommended daily dose: 50 to 100ml Keep refrigerated once opened Shelf life: 18 months. High antioxidant content It is a food supplement.


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4 reviews on Aloe Vera Juice With Pomegranate Bio

  1. Jose Manuel -

    Wonderful taste and it is helping me a lot with my digestive problems.

  2. Beatriz -

    I started an acne treatment called Roacutan in January, which is very strong and affects the liver and digestive system. A month after I started, I was tested and they told me that my triglycerides were high and my mother recommended that I drink a 50ml glass of Green Frog aloe vera juice every morning. After 6 months I have been tested again and my triglycerides have come out great, within the normal range. I have also noticed an improvement in my face, which was very dry, in the volume of my hair and in my nails.

  3. Vanessa -

    This product was recommended to me, as I have had a fairly aggressive treatment. After a few days of consuming this product, I notice that my body is less tired, I have much more strength and energy, it is a product that I recommend to anyone, as you do not need to be sick to consume it, you can simply do it for prevention.

  4. Francisco -

    I've been taking one in the mornings for 8 weeks and I'm noticing the effects a lot, I wake up with more energy and I last better until mid-morning lunch. I feel better about my allergies precisely at this time of year, which tends to affect me a lot and I think... It's helping me lose weight with my diet. All in all, very good.

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