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Spring Macedonia with Loquat and Aloe Vera Juice

Green Frog Aloe
30 March, 2021

Fruit salad is one of the healthiest and most popular breakfasts, desserts and snacks that exist and can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but is consumed especially in spring or summer for its refreshing and delicious power. The recipe consists of mixing a wide variety of fruits cut into small pieces and seasoned with their own juice, sugar, a sweetener or even a liqueur, and we at Green Frog propose a new recipe by adding Aloe Vera to the mixture, but first we wanted to reveal some interesting facts about this healthy mix.

Surely on more than one occasion you have prepared or tasted this delicious recipe with different varieties of fruit. In Spain this dish is popularly known as "macedonia", but in other countries it is known as fruit salad or fruit cocktail. This particular name has its origins in the empire that Alexander the Great (Alexander III King of Macedonia from 336 BC to 323) managed to build. His rule was relatively short, but intense. During this period he created a vast empire through his continuous conquests and victories, bringing together a great mixture of different peoples and nations and integrating races, cultures, languages, customs, traditions... the Macedonian empire, hence the name of this mixture produced with the fruits, their textures and flavours. It is a recipe that allows us to unleash our creativity to prepare a colourful, fresh and appetising dish, and it is usually a hit with young and old alike. The nutritionist, Gema Martíz, suggests that we complete and season the mixture with our Aloe Vera Bio juice without pulp, do you dare to try it?


  • Loquat.

  • Kiwi.

  • Papaya.

  • Strawberry.

  • 2 cloves of garlic.

  • 50 ml of fresh organic Aloe Vera juice without pulp.

  • A few drops of lemon juice.

Preparation of the fruit salad

Cut everything into small cubes or pieces, add the Aloe Vera juice and the lemon drops. Place the mixture in a non-metal container, covered and in the fridge until serving time. This is not a dish that should be prepared well in advance to avoid oxidation of the fruit.

Loquat and spring fruit salad

We will stop for a moment at the least known fruit of all those we have included: the loquat, an ephemeral fruit that can only be found in April, May and June. It is a rebellious fruit that cannot be kept in cold storage for a long time.

This fruit originates from China and is known in many countries as the "Japanese plum". It is a great purifier for the liver, an organ to which we should pay a lot of attention in spring. The spring asthenia that so many people suffer from often has to do with an overloaded liver.

It is a magnificent source of carotenoid antioxidants (which protect the eyesight and strengthen the immune system) and flavonoids (a good prevention against neurodegenerative diseases). It has a low sugar content, making it suitable for diabetics. It has a slight diuretic effect and a lot of fibre, making it an ideal companion for eliminating toxins and bringing us closer to a healthy weight.

This week, ENCOURAGE, ENJOY, ENJOY and a lot of #ALOEPOWER

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