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The first organic Kombucha with Aloe and Pomegranate on the market

Green Frog Aloe
4 October, 2021

We continue to take steps forward and now we present a new way of drinking Kombucha. We present a new refreshing, beneficial and above all healthy drink, Kombucha with Aloe Vera and Pomegranate. This new formulation also contains: organic kombucha tea and hibiscus and is delicious. Do you want to know more? Read on...

This new kombucha drink is characterised by a sour and slightly sweet taste, with natural bubbles from the fermentation itself. It is ready to drink and enjoy, low in sugar (1.9 g/100 ml), low in calories (9.7 kcal), with no additives or preservatives.


The benefits of aloe added to kombucha tea

This aloe and pomegranate kombucha is the first on the market made with aloe vera. It has multiple benefits, because it combines the nutritional value of both ingredients. In addition to the organic properties of fermented kombucha tea and the natural properties of aloe, you get a super healthy drink, full of natural energy and many benefits for our macrobiota.

In collaboration with Vitae Kombucha

To elaborate and create this new drink we have collaborated with Vitae Kombucha, specialists in kombucha. They have a wide range of kombuchas in different flavours and we also share many values with them and we love their philosophy. Both companies, Vitae Kombucha and Green Frog, are committed to quality, freshness and ecology, and the union of so much health and good feeling could only give birth to a delicious product in terms of flavour and quality!

For this Vitae aloe and pomegranate kombucha we use our Aloe and Pomegranate juice and add it to the Vitae Kombucha formula, following the traditional method of making kombucha.

Ingredients of Vitae Kombucha with aloe and pomegranate

1. Green Frog aloe and pomegranate juice.

2. Organic hibiscus infusion. Hibiscus is a delicious edible flower with a number of healing properties and medicinal virtues. It is used to counteract the acidic touch of pomegranate.

3. Vitae Kombucha made with 100% organic and local ingredients, green tea, mineral water of volcanic origin and fair trade cane sugar. It contains no gas or additives. Everything is the result of the natural fermentation process, including the little bubbles that are so characteristic of Vitae.



Drink kombucha with #ALOEPOWER

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