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The cosmetic cream for women: new and even better formula

Green Frog Aloe
24 June, 2021

With the aim of using just one cream to cover all the skin care needs of a woman's face and neck, Vera Green cosmetic cream for women was formulated and created a few years ago. A product that has shown excellent results and this has been confirmed by the women who have been using it ever since. Now, to give it added value, the formula has been renewed to further improve the benefits it provides. Do you want to know more? Read on...

The cream VERA GREEN DERMO COSMETICS uses natural ingredients with top quality active ingredients to achieve the best effects. The main ingredient is fresh organic aloe vera juice from Green Frog, an ingredient that has been used since ancient times for its important effects as a moisturiser, nourisher, regenerator and activator of collagen formation and re-epithelisation of the skin.

It now contains a higher concentration of kuzu, a plant with a high alkalising and acid pH neutralising power that irritates the skin, and prevents the growth of germs on the surface, as well as providing some important nutrients. Another main ingredient is centella asiatica, a plant that allows the skin to re-epithelialise and regenerate so that it renews itself frequently, but also prevents the action of germs, reduces the risk of wrinkle formation and reduces local itching.

The addition of ginkgo biloba facilitates the skin's blood circulation, which keeps the skin even more hydrated and improves the delivery of nutrients, making it easier for the skin to do its protective function and look healthier, younger and more naturally beautiful. 

Other ingredients such as the new hammamelis, evening primrose, wheat germ oil, chia or rosehip will complete this excellent cream that is ideal for the care, regeneration, nutrition and hydration of the skin of the face and neck of women, making it easier daily action in addition to obtaining the best results of the skin. Read more about the ingredients >

Improving the formulation of Vera Green Dermo Cosmética has been the result of the work and experience of people who work every day to help women keep their skin in good condition in a natural way. We are pleased with the results obtained and the opinions of the women who use it and they stimulate us to continue researching to improve this cream every day. 


Nourish and nourish your skin with #ALOEPOWER

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