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Benefits of organic virgin beeswax for your skin

Green Frog Aloe
22 June, 2021

In addition to pollinating the plants we eat and the fruit trees, bees also produce honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and virgin wax. They undoubtedly play a key role in our ecosystem and the sustainable use of these beneficial substances applied, for example, to skin care is one of the objectives of our brand. Do you want to know more about how we apply this exercise in the formulation of our creams? Read on...

Virgin beeswax has been used for skin care since ancient times, but nowadays it has been introduced as a fundamental ingredient in many creams for cosmetic and therapeutic use, such as the cream Vera Green Dermo Cosmetics which, in addition to the properties of organic virgin beeswax, also contains pure organic aloe vera juice and other ingredients such as kudzu.

When organic virgin wax is added to a cream, the active ingredients contained in the cream remain on the skin for longer, which makes them much more effective, but the wax also manages to maintain proper hydration of the skin as it prevents excessive evaporation loss of the water it contains. It also has an important antiseptic effect that helps to reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin.

If we also add its moderate anti-inflammatory, softening and protective effect, we can understand why virgin beeswax is so important in the composition of today's cosmetic and therapeutic creams, making it a fundamental element in keeping the skin in excellent condition, regenerating it and helping to repair injuries and daily wear and tear.


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