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GF & Carolina Marín

Carolina Marin and Green Frog Aloe

Carolina Marín is one of our most recognised sportswomen worldwide, with an Olympic Gold medal, three Badminton World Championships and four European Championships to her name, among other international titles.

The Olympic champion is an ambassador for Green Frog and Vera Green, she trusts Green Frog Aloe for sharing the same values and trying "to be the best", as she explains in the following video.


Why Carolina Marin drinks aloe vera:

  • Because it is a food supplement that provides numerous vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for everyday life.
  • Because it contains a lot of water from the plant itself, which gives it a powerful moisturising effect.
  • Because it tastes really good! Especially the one with pomegranate, which she loves, it's one of her favourite fruits ...

Why Carolina Marin uses Vera Green creams:

  • Because they protect the skin from external aggressions.
  • Because they help with rashes caused by sweating.
  • Because they deeply moisturise and repair damaged skin.
  • Because they use natural and environmentally friendly components.

How do you want to take care of yourself?

Inside, with Green Frog Aloe Vera Juice
On the outside, with Green Frog aloe vera creams